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Today’s consumer is chronically online which means a brand hoping to capture their attention needs an impactful digital presence. At HYSCULPT, we will execute a fully integrated digital strategy with creative digital content that captivates modern consumers with stylistic web art direction.

Website DESIGN

Website creation for fashion brands
Website design in london

The visual layout of your brand’s website is essential to capturing and retaining the attention of your consumer with clear navigation and ease of use. With our Website Art Direction, we will build the bones of your website, weaving your branding throughout so it is immediately recognizable and directs your consumer to purchase. We can provide the skill set to design every page of your website and provide compelling copy throughout, ensuring your brand’s visual tone and tone of voice remain clear and cohesive.

3D Animations

3D designs are quickly sweeping the industry with limitless opportunities to be truly creative and expressive. 3D assets can be animated graphics and static visuals, including renders of your products. At HYSCULPT, we can use 3D Assets to replace your e-comm photoshoots and implement bespoke imagery across social media channels. They can also help you and potential investors visualise your products before any production takes place and showcase your products on a variety of body types or skin tones.

fashion 3D animation
3D fashion photoshoot

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