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By applying our innovative strategic consulting to your vision, we can create and manage your brand’s entire development, helping you to realise your brand’s unique visual identity, tone of voice and creative direction across multiple channels with your consumer always in mind. We will create a distinct, powerful and exceptional brand identity with space to evolve to ensure cultural relevance and longevity without compromising your brand’s values.

Branding pack

Branding for lingerie brands
Branding for activewear brands

Our Brand Identity Package is the foundation we set in order to carve out your space in the industry. We begin by getting to know you and your goals for your brand, developing a comprehensive customer segmentation and competitor analysis to project where your brand will sit in the market. We can then create a powerful brand name and tagline, determine your tone of voice, brand values and narrative as well as design unique visuals such as a logo, distinct colour palette, custom illustrations, graphics, prints and typography, applied consistently throughout your brand. Your Branding Identity Pack explains with both words and visuals who your brand is and will be your brand’s introduction to future investors, retailers and employees.

Packaging design


Our skilled graphics team can design bespoke packaging using innovative techniques such as foiling, embossing and spot UV that oozes personality and creates a great first impression for your customer. Whether you require luxury packaging with a timeless edge or a one-off extravagant PR package, our packaging experts will research suppliers with the quantities, materials and dimensions you require and deliver a complete artwork file, so all you have to do is press print.

Packaging design for swimwear
Packaging design fro fashion brands

Custom Projects

Goodie bag design
PR event invitations

If you want your brand to shine just that little bit brighter, our team can design custom assets such as illustrations and prints that can be applied across your entire brand, including your product if you choose to work with our sister company, BodywearLab. By gathering inspiration from our initial discussions, we can re-work a classic print, scour our illustrious archives or consider potential artist collaborations to create something that encapsulates your inspiration. We also have print licensing partnerships with Liberty London and The Victoria & Albert Museum which allows us to access their archives to produce unique print designs with a historic and creative narrative, whilst giving your brand credibility and brand recognition. We can create bespoke PR invitations, custom print materials for a specific event or launch, additional packaging layers for that extra luxurious feel, character cards with original designs, plus so much more to make your brand truly one of a kind. 

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