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How 5 Fashion Brands Launched Successful Social Campaigns Using 3D Assets


31 October 2023

How 5 Fashion Brands Launched Successful Social Campaigns Using 3D Assets

With the rise of social media and an abundance of information available at our fingertips, fashion brands looking to stay relevant and captivate their target market’s attention has become more challenging than ever before.

However, social media does offer brands a unique opportunity to connect with their customers on a personal level, showcase their creativity and receive valuable feedback in real time. Fashion marketing has come a long way since the days of glossy magazine spreads and runway shows. Today, social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest have become the new runways and showrooms for fashion brands.

To thrive in this digital era, brands must embrace innovative approaches to stand out in a crowded online marketplace. Among the myriad strategies available, the integration of 3D assets, including 3D design and augmented reality (AR), has emerged as a game-changer for successful social campaigns, blurring the line between the virtual world and reality. Join HYSCULPT as we delve deep into the importance of 3D assets and how fashion brands can leverage them to create compelling social media campaigns.


This whimsical vintage corsetry and lingerie label designed and produced by our sister company, Bodywear Lab may be the newest brand on our list but they are hopping on the 3D trend early, with a little help from our team here at HYSCULPT. Our client, Scarlett Gasque, has built a strong social media presence in just over 6 months and aims to continue to push creativity with their second collection campaign concept. The House of Scarlett campaign invites consumers to enter the world of Scarlett Gasque by stepping through the front door, with each collection located in a specific room or area of the fictional home. The second collection, Forbidden Fantasies: The Showgirl Collection, centres in the Showgirl Wing complete with an at-home Stage, Dressing Room and magical Emerald Green Room. By placing their collections in various spots around the house, the brand creates distinct personalities that still feel related to their product ranges, as well as strengthening the overall brand narrative that feels otherworldly.

Adding to Scarlett Gasque’s fantasy aesthetic, the brand created dazzling 3D designs of their waspie to post on their socials. However, this 3D product is modelled by a CGI avatar, twirling on her aerial hoop against an ethereal backdrop. Not only is this the only brand mentioned in this article that actually displays its products on a model, showcasing the fit, but the video also zooms in on the various details of the product such as the delicate embroidery. This is a great way for fashion brands to utilise 3D technology beyond visual appeal as it advertises key features that consumers will want to look at before making a purchase. This is extremely important for businesses that operate solely on ecommerce such as Scarlett Gasque. 

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The eponymous French brand is a favourite with fashion girlies with its unapologetically feminine aesthetic and playful online marketing. Back in April 2023, Jacquemus posted a video of a gigantic version of their infamous Bambino bag whizzing through the streets of Paris to their Instagram and TikTok, except it wasn’t real. Utilising the fashion industry’s favourite tech to play with at the moment, the French fashion label created 3D designs of their products, animated to fool many consumers into thinking the colossal bags were the real deal, even adding fake 3D passengers into the CGI automotive bags. 

Not only did the videos spark immediate engagement and conversations online, but it was a clever counter to previous criticisms about their micro bags sported by many influencers for their lack of practicality. By steering into the discourse and creating larger-than-life versions of their best-selling products, Jacquemus demonstrates that the brand has a sense of humour, as well as maintaining its innovative approach to design and marketing. The brand, led by founder Simon Porte Jacquemus, has a fresh and unique approach to its business, focusing on direct-to-consumer sales and customer experience illustrated with its fantastical online campaigns that are designed to engage consumers rather than impress fashion critics. 

Check out Jacquemus Instagram post


In late September of this year, lingerie-turned-lifestyle brand Lounge launched a risque 3D campaign to promote its first brick-and-mortar store opening in London. Similarly to Jacquemus, Lounge posted a video to their socials of 3D renderings perfectly integrated into the real world however, it wasn’t the product created in virtual reality, it was a plethora of breasts. Mimicking home videos that zoom in or out, refocus and slightly shake, the videography has a remarkably realistic quality to it despite the 10-foot breasts in the frame. The 3D bare boobs are seen in various landmarks around the UK’s capital, squished under bridges, smushed in between buildings and even stuck between architectural columns, with the final shot being the location for the brand’s new store at Westfield White City. 

Lounge 3D Campaign

Using the hashtag #findyourperfectfit, Lounge’s campaign highlights their company’s USP of helping consumers find their best fitting bra via their virtual fitting room, a highlighted feature on their website, which is now becoming a key aspect of their physical store. This CGI campaign is not only a fantastic way to announce the business’s shift from digital to physical with a new store opening, but it also comments on a common issue within the lingerie industry that many consumers can relate to – ill-fitting underwear. Additionally, the inclusion of bare breasts is both a brave and tactical choice for the brand’s campaign as Instagram still maintains a strict ‘no nipple’ policy when it comes to content posted to the social media platform. This rule has come under fire for many years now, as it only restricts female-presenting nipples on the app, not male-presenting. The 3D boobs in Lounge’s campaign are free floating and not attached to any gender-specific body and are yet to be removed by Instagram, sparking further discourse around gender equality on the brand’s Instagram page and therefore, more engagement and publicity. 


New York-based fashion label, Alexander Wang, also posted a stunning 3D campaign to their socials this year, using the iconic Manhattan bridge as both a hanger and backdrop to the brand’s giant athletic mesh bra modelled in 3D. This CGI bra blows in the wind as cars underneath coast along the highway, appearing to barely miss the massive bra. The virtual campaign promoting the label’s new bodywear drop is so lifelike that many comments questioned the safety measures taken to suspend a humongous bra above a busy freeway. Whilst the brand’s campaign is less extravagant than those executed by Jacquemus or Lounge, it still fooled and thereby engaged consumers with its 3D trickery, as well as repositioned the business as a New York City staple. A big benefit of using 3D product design for social campaigns is not only the visual awe it creates, but it also allows brands to really show off the detail of their products, such as in this case with the delicate mesh features of the bra. 

Alexander Wang CGI bra

Alexander Wang’s Instagram


Vivienne Westwood, a brand beloved for its continually fresh and divergent approach to fashion, has also dipped its toes into the world of 3D. In honour of the late designer, the flagship Mayfair store put on an exhibition memorialising her iconic corsets, boasting couture designs from the 1980s up until her death in December 2022. Rather than opting for a traditional method for announcing the heritage exhibit, the brand posted a short reel to their Instagram featuring an exquisite gold 3D design of their original Westwood Portrait corset which spins to reveal a new gold charm available for purchase. The emblematic corset is synonymous with many fashion lovers with the label, becoming an unofficial mascot now immortalised in gold to honour the passing of the founder. 

Vivienne Westwood 3D corset

Vivienne Westwood’s Instagram

The fashion industry is an extremely competitive market, and with most consumers bombarded with marketing and advertising campaigns whenever they log online, it can be hard for both new and more established brands to make an impression. However, by using evolving technology such as 3D and AR, plus with a strong USP, brands can find new and dynamic ways to showcase their creativity that truly makes an impact. 


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