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Fashion PR: 6 Methods To Make An Impact


05 March 2024

Fashion PR: 6 Methods To Make An Impact

In 2024 where the era of social media is almost inescapable, the role and purpose of PR has become somewhat blurred with marketing. Whilst marketing aims to sell a product, service or brand, PR focuses more on establishing or maintaining a brand’s reputation in the eyes of the public

In 2024 where the era of social media is almost inescapable, the role and purpose of PR has become somewhat blurred with marketing. Whilst marketing aims to sell a product, service or brand, PR focuses more on establishing or maintaining a brand’s reputation in the eyes of the public – hence the name Public Relations. With social media propelling trends to evolve at the speed of a runway strut, the role of public relations (PR) has never been more crucial. Fashion bodywear brands, whether established luxury houses or emerging designers, rely on PR strategies to captivate audiences, cultivate brand identity, and navigate the ever-changing landscape of consumer preferences. Most consumers are aware of influencers as a form of PR tactics, but do you know any others? 

Join Hysculpt as we delve into the diverse array of PR tactics employed by fashion contour brands to make a lasting impression in the digital age.


Media relations is the heart of fashion PR and arguably the first type of public relations ever recorded. Media relations is the relationship between a business and media professionals, such as journalists and editors, which forms the foundation for brand exposure and editorial coverage. Building strong relationships with journalists, bloggers, and influencers is paramount, as it paves the way for coveted placements in glossy magazines, prominent newspapers, and influential online platforms. However, Hysculpt’s top tip to remember is that different media outlets have different audiences – pitching your swimwear brand to a travel blogger makes sense as their readers will be more likely to be heading on vacations than a food blogger’s audience. By strategically pitching compelling stories, fashion brands can secure editorial features, interviews, and product placements that resonate with their target audience and elevate their brand image.

In 2024, media relations is no longer limited to articles either. Many publications also have their own socials, newsletters and even podcasts that will have tailor made content for their varying audiences. If your brand is targeted towards young mothers, they may be more likely to listen to podcasts whilst on the go rather than have the time to sit down and read an online article, so knowing which format your business needs to target is vital.

Another way that bodywear brands can work with the press to get their brand out there is through affiliate PR. PR affiliate marketing involves publishers and media outlets earning commissions for promoting products, often seen in digital publications and quantified through page clicks or clicks through to the promoted brand from the publisher’s webpage. For instance, a fashion magazine  might feature specific products in “top 10 lists” with hyperlinks for easy purchasing, thereby utilising affiliate marketing tactics. This is a more expensive avenue for businesses to take when working with the media but it is arguably more effective and easier to see results.


Fashion shows and events serve as glittering showcases for designers to unveil their latest collections and captivate audiences with their creative vision. Beyond the runway spectacle, these events provide invaluable opportunities for networking, forging partnerships, and generating buzz within the industry. From intimate presentations to grandiose runway extravaganzas, fashion brands leverage events to engage with media, celebrities, and consumers, leaving an indelible mark on the collective consciousness. 

If you want all the benefits of hosting your own event but don’t quite have the funds, then pop-up events at retailers or other appropriate venues are a great way for e-commerce brands to bring in a physical customer. A great example of this is activewear brands that host pop-up workout events in local gyms.  

Want your own bespoke PR launch party? Check out our case study for how we executed the perfect launch event for our client, Scarlett Gasque! 


In the realm of fashion, the allure of celebrity endorsements is undeniable. Collaborating with A-list stars, affluent influencers, and style icons can catapult a brand into the spotlight, infusing it with glamour, prestige, and social currency. Whether spotted on the red carpet, gracing magazine covers, or flaunting designs on social media, celebrity ambassadors embody the aspirational lifestyle that fashion brands seek to convey, amplifying their reach and influence to new heights. Another top tip from Hysculpt is to reach out to stylists for celebrities that fit your brand’s aesthetic, as well as stylists for magazines and music videos as they may be easier to get in touch with for smaller businesses.


With the rise of social media undeniable, influencers now wield unprecedented power to shape consumer preferences and drive purchasing decisions. Fashion brands recognise the potential of collaborating with digital tastemakers, bloggers, and content creators to reach niche audiences and foster authentic connections. Through sponsored content, product reviews, unboxing videos and brand partnerships, influencers offer a platform for storytelling and product placement that resonates with their loyal followers, driving engagement and brand advocacy. Inviting VIP influencers and celebrities to your events will be sure to amp up interest in your brand as content is quickly spread across socials. 

Another great way to collaborate with influencers is through events or trips. By inviting influencers to exclusive trips or events, brands can create unique experiences that align with their brand identity and values, while also generating authentic content and buzz around their products. During influencer trips, brands can provide influencers with opportunities to experience their products firsthand, whether it’s showcasing new collections, hosting fashion shows, or offering behind-the-scenes access to their design process. These experiences allow influencers to create compelling content, such as photos, videos, and blog posts, that authentically showcase the brand’s products and resonate with their followers. 

Similarly, hosting events tailored for influencers enables brands to forge meaningful connections and collaborations. Whether it’s a product launch, a fashion show, or a brand-sponsored party, these events offer influencers a platform to interact with the brand, network with other influencers, and create engaging content in real time. Brands can also incorporate interactive elements, such as styling sessions, Q&A panels, or immersive brand activations, to enhance the overall experience and leave a lasting impression on attendees.


Product placement in film, television, and popular culture offers fashion brands a powerful channel for exposure and brand integration. By strategically placing products in high-profile productions and cultural moments, brands can leverage the halo effect of celebrity endorsement and align themselves with the aspirational lifestyles portrayed on screen. From iconic movie moments to street style sensations, product placement transcends traditional advertising, embedding brands in the cultural zeitgeist and fuelling consumer desire. Product placements work well when they’re part of a larger campaign for your business which helps to outline the story of your brand – check out our 360 Campaign Creation service to learn more about how we can help you get your brand noticed.  



Whilst we all want to think positively about our brands, in an industry as fast-paced and high-profile as fashion, navigating crises and controversies is an inevitable challenge businesses must face. From social media backlash to supply chain scandals, bodywear brands must be prepared to respond swiftly and transparently to mitigate damage to their reputation. By implementing robust crisis management strategies, brands can demonstrate accountability, authenticity, and resilience in the face of adversity, safeguarding their brand equity and earning the trust of consumers and stakeholders alike. Another top tip from Hysculpt is to make your brand’s values clear on your website and social media. For example, having your business’ ethical practices and sustainability measures on site helps consumers to see that you’re doing your part to be more environmentally conscious. Also, using models with a wide variety of body types, shapes, sizes and skin tones is great for inclusivity which is a major concern for many modern consumers. 


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