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June 2022 - September 2023

Valiant began after the founder’s own experiences as a breast cancer survivor when she realised there was a real gap in the market for beautifully crafted, luxury post-mastectomy lingerie. The brand is a combination of comfort and confidence, striving to empower its consumers through the lingerie that they deserve. The high-quality lingerie is sustainable and fun at the same time, making the pieces ageless. They provide the consumers with a new perspective on post-mastectomy lingerie by adding joy and removing any feeling of discomfort or exclusion that the target audience may have previously experienced. Post-surgery bras do not have to be boring and Valiant is truly passionate about creating the lingerie the consumers deserve and supporting them in feeling confident.

The brand owner came to us with her established brand but needed our help to make the branding stronger, ensuring it resonated with her target consumer but also reflected the brand’s values. We began by conducting thorough competitor and consumer research to help us understand the market and position the business, as well as to help us identify strengths and weaknesses within the brand that we can support or highlight. Working with the founder, the HYSCULPT team wanted to build upon the strong foundations Eleanor had already laid out. We strived to reflect Eleanor’s inspirational and intimate story within the narrative whilst promoting inclusivity, joyfulness and empowerment. Our goal was to carve out a space in the niche market that felt both strong and soft yet could resonate with a wide range of consumers. Whilst conducting our competitor research, we noticed that they offered dull, dreary and clinical products. Through our consumer analysis, we noted that many potential customers are not able to see themselves in the marketing of competitors that target 45+-year-old women; however, unfortunately, women of all ages can be experiencing their journey post-mastectomy.


By drawing inspiration from the first collection, we expanded Valiant Lingerie’s colour palette and highlighted hues of turquoise for tranquillity and stillness, joyous powder pinks to signify femininity and flirtatiousness, and zesty greens to illustrate healing, nature, and growth. We paired them with more neutral shades to balance the boldness of the featured colours whilst offering further versatility for future collections and socials. Utilising vibrant colours, we were able to differentiate Valiant Lingerie from competitors on the market whilst developing an aesthetic that felt modern and fresh yet still perceived as a safe space to be comfortable and relaxed. To provide further differentiation from competitors and to enhance the brand identity, we created a signature print design unique to Valiant Lingerie. We chose print over illustration as the former would better present the brand’s new colour palette with nature-inspired abstract shapes, colours and textures. We selected nature as our stimulus as studies have indicated that spending time outdoors positively influences a person’s mental health post-surgery. Continuing with the brand ‘facelift’ the team refreshed Valiant’s logo and signifier too. Keeping the serif character for brand recognition, we made the logo’s characters thinner to make it more light, friendly and elegant, and less heavy and blocky than it was before. Furthermore, we changed the dot of the I to a diamond, which denotes that Valiant Lingerie is a luxurious and fun brand, whilst becoming an integral part of the company’s signifier and recognisable as a symbol of Valiant.

Valiant launched in 2019 and has achieved national recognition and success for its refreshing, modern and practical take on post-mastectomy lingerie. The founder’s commitment to creating a brand with its consumers and community at the heart with products and branding that utilise joyful, vibrant and gorgeous colour palettes uplifts its customers. We are very proud to have supported and collaborated with such an inspirational brand, and we can’t wait to see the brand continue to evolve and achieve success.

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