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October - Present

Polytimi is the epitome of an everlasting sunkissed summer. Inspired by the founder’s Greek heritage, the brand seamlessly weaves a rich history of relaxed island living and artisan techniques to craft luxurious swimwear that is stylish and supportive. The brand celebrates and encourages the discovery of everyone’s natural beauty and inner confidence, especially for women seeking swimwear that embraces and supports diverse body types, such as smaller backs and bigger busts. Rooted in a vision to empower women overlooked by mainstream luxury swimwear, Polytimi extends beyond fashion.

After discussions with the founder, HYSCULPT went on a journey that started with a comprehensive competitor analysis and customer segmentation to position the brand in the market. 

The colour palette is soft and summery, with organic tones and neutrals like black, white, and stone. These colours reflect the sun, sea, and sand, while remaining sophisticated and refined. A darker navy blue adds depth and mystery, while pink and brown balance the dark and light, reflecting the changing colours of the beach.

Other elements we crafted were their logo, their typography, a social media feed mockup that includes some topics to include in the socials like the inspiration behind the brand, the brand story, story behind the creation of the pieces, product highlight and outfits styling Polytimi’s products, as well as their copywriting tone of voice: Simple – Relaxed – Warm – Positive – Empowering.


We created 2 bespoke packages, one for general orders and the other for PR and gift orders, with different elements that are there to give the customer a personalised and positive experience while receiving the products.

A mailer bag and mailer box were designed, the colour on the outside of both is a warm light tone, that makes the logo and the signifier shine. As sustainability is important to the founder we have made the packaging to be made of biodegradable materials.

Inside of both there will be a comp card with a custom illustration of the island behind the inspiration of the brand, Tinos Island with all of the founder’s favourite spots,  a personalised note written by Tiffany, the founder, the comp card also has a real greek stamp. The bottom of the box has elements of the island, such as shells, pebbles and flowers. 

To deliver a wonderful brand experience, our team created all the copy of the packaging, including every side of the box and mailer bag, the product swing tag inspired by a greek coin, a product tag and the comp card.

All elements of branding align with the brand’s goal of blending classic sophistication with a nod to Greek craftsmanship, creating timeless pieces that transcend fleeting trends. 

Polytimi is currently in the process of designing their products and refining their brand as it prepares for the launch. We loved the whole process and can not wait to see the final product.

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