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August 2023 - Present

Kult is a lingerie brand striving for an exclusively inclusive community, and revolutionising traditional contour wear to prioritise consumer freedom in choosing products for their bodies and comfort levels. Focused on addressing industry gaps, Kult prioritises women with larger breasts and smaller backs, offering high-quality, comfort-centric lingerie crafted with unparalleled craftsmanship and luxury materials. Rejecting conventional fashion norms, Kult provides a safe space by offering a progressive and inclusive range for diverse buyers to enjoy exquisite lingerie and contribute positive energy.


HYSCULPT team went on a meticulous brand strategic positioning journey for Kult, conducting a comprehensive competitors analysis and customer segmentation base to gain insights into market dynamics. The obtained data not only illuminated market preferences but also revealed areas where competitors were lacking, offering valuable insights for shaping Kult’s unique products. 

This process laid the foundation for creating Kult’s unique brand style and market positioning. The full creation of the brand image covered bespoke logo, a tagline, a distinct colour palette, a mood board, detailed brand narratives and brand values, a bespoke signifer, typography, as well as social media feed mockup. Every detail reflects the owner’s values and their vision for the brand journey. Just like the distinct colour palette designed for Kult to be used across all brand platforms, inspired by the founder’s island roots, it includes three neutral leading colours – bright white, light sand and coconut, symbolising the strong inclusive core of the Kult brand.


We introduced two personalised packages for different orders – general orders and gift orders – with complementary elements to enhance the customer’s experience when receiving the products. Integrating the brand image, we created a small safe space for Kult’s diverse community – a beautifully crafted gift box. The warm and understated light sand exterior represents a powerful inclusive shell, while the vibrant cherry pink interior emphasises that “It’s what’s on the inside that counts!”

To deliver a holistic brand experience, our team crafted all the copy for the packaging. Every side, including the interior space, conveys heartfelt wishes, aligning with the brand’s mission —not just to bring joy, laughter, and beautiful lingerie to consumers but also to inspire mindfulness and the discovery of daily moments of happiness. Kult is dedicated to positively contributing to a variety of charities and good causes, asking customers to select where they want their contribution to go and providing regular updates to those who choose to donate. In line with their ongoing commitment, we have also developed environmentally friendly packaging for the brand.

Kult is currently in the exciting phase of designing its products and refining the brand as it prepares for the upcoming launch. The whole journey has been filled with energy and excitement and we are eagerly counting down the days until we see the final product!

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