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January 2021 - April 2022

Kate De Venin is here to normalize sexual curiosity and kink. Whether the customers are men or women, the KDV ethos is to allow their consumers to feel empowered, sexy, strong, and ready to dominate the world. KDV is all about embracing the sexy side of yourself. The brand encourages sexual liberation and freedom, to let out your wild side, and savagely, play with the dynamics of domination and submission in any context you wish but in style. KDV is aimed towards the more sexually adventurous but is an open and safe space for anyone to explore their sensual side. The brand offers both the tools and the manual in the form of workshops to educate the interested wild cats and introduce or enhance their world of pleasure.

After completing our branding with mock-up designs of the brand’s social media feed and website, the team at HYSCULPT began working on creating bespoke packaging that invoked the brand’s kinky and alluring personality. 

We designed every last detail, from the box itself to the stickers, cards, tape, and paper, ensuring we effortlessly weaved KDV’s strong branding throughout for immediate brand recognition. The final design was a refined and minimal mailer box. The design of the packaging subtly promotes the brand to not cause too much attention to what it may contain. The box includes a subtle ‘KDV’ branding. 

The interior of the box is simple and neutral with a slip on the front to place KDVs’ comp cards in a well-presented format. The garment pieces are wrapped in branded tissue paper and sealed with a complimenting sticker to present well and finish off the packaging. Every detail of this brand was made to be unique and make noise in the industry.

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