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Modest swimwear

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Branding – Illustrations – Packaging – Social Media Launch Content


November 2021 - June 2022

With roots deeply embedded in the beautiful UAE, Jeyoon is aiming to provide women with the freedom to choose how they present themselves to the rest of the world, and the confidence to do so proudly. The brand’s founder spotted a gap in the market for a collection of luxury, sustainable swimwear that was not only inclusive of different body types and varying levels of modesty but would also be long-lasting in the UAE weather.

After completing Jeyoon’s branding with a strong brand narrative, reflecting its origins through the colours inspired by the tranquil sands of the UAE desert, our team furthered the vision through an icon design to be used throughout the brand’s socials and website. 

The icon is composed of an eye, waves, dunes, and a pearl all within a circle. The circularity of this signifier sends a positive emotional message of harmony, the eye suggests enlightenment of minds, the waves and dunes represent the brand’s origins in the UAE and finally, the pearl at the centre represents wisdom. 

Custom Illustrations

The final custom project we created with Jeyoon is a package of hand-drawn illustrations to add to the character of the brand and help deliver messages in a personal and stylish manner. Using the colours determined in the branding pack as well as key elements of the brand’s values, the following illustrations were created to be used across the brand’s packaging, socials and even website.

Jeyoon is still in the process of finalising their products and getting ready to launch. We are excited to see our branding work come to life alongside the brand. 

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