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Imaara Social Media Design And Management


Services With HYSCULPT:

Branding – Packaging – Website Art Direction & Copy – Blogs – Product Naming & Descriptions – Social Media Management – E-commerce Photoshoot – Studio Campaign Photoshoot – Strategy Sessions


January 2020 - December 2021

Imaara is a period-proof underwear brand with founders that are passionate about period support and education, the importance of self-care and celebrating all that it means to be a woman. The brand’s mission is to help eradicate the taboo surrounding periods whilst communicating their feminine, performance-led, leak-proof underwear.

Our team at HYSCULPT supported Imaara at the beginning of their journey with our social media management services, which we managed pre-launch and helped to build an engaged community around taboos and period-related topics. 

After determining the brand’s ideal customer segments, we determined key topics to discuss throughout the socials (these included, period education, resources, and period humour…). The brand’s narrative was translated into Imaara’s social presence, which acts as a community ground for its audience, driving traffic to its website and building brand recognition. 

These engaging topics were then translated into designs using the branding we had already created. Through the use of high-impact imagery, shareable memes and informative posts, visitors were given a reason to actively engage with the brand. With a focus on emotive and powerful imagery, the social look and feel evokes feelings of femininity and freedom and encourages a more down-to-earth, open perspective on menstruation.


Throughout the designs for Imaara’s Instagram account, we weaved in custom illustrations using the colour palette and branding features determined during the branding exercise,  to give the account a more personal and signature look. This enabled us to still use free imagery but make it custom to the brand.

Imaara continues to manage the social media account in house using the branding and photoshoots executed by our team.

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