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September 2022-December 2022

FLEX is a forward-thinking innovative athleticwear brand with a focus on improving the mind, body and soul through physical exertion and education. The brand offers sleek and futuristic designs crafted to enhance the player’s experience and performance as well as assist in accomplishing their personal goals in both sports and life. FLEX is more than just a clothing brand; its mission is to positively influence its customers to continue their journeys of self-improvement and support consumers in navigating life’s pitfalls of negativity. The brand aims to foster a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for bettering one’s body and mind simultaneously.

After initial discussions with the business owner, the HYSCULPT team gathered all information including the values and ethics of the business and began positioning the brand on the market. This was done by collecting data on competitors and target consumers to create in-depth competitor analysis and customer segmentation. These help us to understand what the market is looking for and what competitors aren’t doing to see what FLEX could offer, as well as help us determine the visual and copy tone of voice that would most resonate with the target market


Once the market positioning was established, the team began to create a unique brand that mirrored the values of the business owner and his vision for the brand’s journey. This included creating a bespoke logo, a tagline, a distinct colour palette to be used across all branded platforms, a moodboard which captured the essence of FLEX, a brand narrative and brand values explained in further detail, a bespoke signifer, typography, and prototypes of the social media feed and packaging.  

FLEX is still in the process of designing their products and finalising the brand before launch. We enjoyed working on this brand as it felt fresh and exciting and we can’t wait to see the final product!

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