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Scarlett Gasque: Campaign Planning and Execution



Services With HYSCULPT:

Services for this campaign: social strategy – campaign planning – campaign execution – Influencer marketing – Launch event – 3D animation


October 2023

When planning their social campaign strategy, we created the concept of “The House of Scarlett”, with each room of this imagined house directly linked to a collection from the brand with bespoke illustrations as a central concept to build the campaign story. 

The strategy included pre-event promotion and groundwork on social media, introducing new aesthetics and the idea of “The House of Scarlett ”, unveiling products, creating 3D asset stories, conducting events, and subsequently continuing the Gasque girls’ stories via PR and on social media visual storytelling.

Influencer Event Planning

From assisting with the guest list ensuring the attendance of relevant influencers, to designing sophisticated invitations and developing the event’s central concept, Hysculpt’s marketing and PR team worked hand in hand to bring this event to life. Held in LA, the event was documented with video and photos for subsequent content creation on Scarlett Gasque’s social media, emphasising the rails of product placed in the vintage-inspired and luxurious location backdrop. 

The campaign for Forbidden Fantasies: The Showgirl Collection also featured two photoshoots. The sets were decorated to mimic the backstage area and the emerald green room set within the House of Scarlett. The model looks throughout the entire collection including lingerie, corsets, and robes in rich jewel tones with opulent vintage design details. The set, along with the iconic showgirl performers, pay homage to an era marked by glamour, sophistication, and whimsical charm.

The House of Scarlett

Hysculpt conceived a central concept for this campaign — inviting consumers into the brand’s fantasy world; a luxurious mansion owned by the enchanting and fictional pinup and showgirl, Scarlett Gasque. Drawing inspiration from the original inspiration for the brand – the captivating showgirls of the 1950s – we polished off a luxurious style that is both retro-glamorous and free-spirited elegance. We infused many details into the creation, such as brand logos in the room windows, flowers narrating the collection’s story, and a sweet detail for the founder’s pet dog. The floor plan links spaces like the theatre, bedroom, game room, and dining room to each of the Scarlett Gasque collections, which are to be revealed over time! For the reveal of the Showgirl collection, our team incorporated key elements from the collection into scenes such as the stage room, secret garden and dressing room to create a fantasy world for the Gasque girls.

Hysculpt and Scarlett Gasque’s journey continues and we look forward to unlocking more rooms in The House of Scarlett together!


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